Q: Can I have an alarm if I have pets?

A: Yes there are alarm detectors (PIRs) specifically for homes with pets. In certain circumstances, these might not be appropriate, in which case there are other options, for example alarm contacts on the doors and windows.

Q: I want an alarm but don’t want my walls messed up. Can I have a completely wireless system?

A: Yes you can. You can have a partially or fully wireless system, including the external bellbox.

Q: Are wireless alarm systems reliable?

A: Yes they are. We will always carry out a site survey to assess the suitability of a wireless system in your property, and would not install one if the conditions were not right.

Q: What happens if someone cuts the power to my property? Will the alarm still work?

A: There is a back-up battery in the main unit, so if the power is cut, the system will still work and the keypad will say that there has been a mains failure. This back-up battery should last for approx. 24hours but depends on the amount of zones on the system in your property.

Q: Are any parts of the alarm run on batteries? How will I know if they have run out?

A: In wired systems, the bellbox has a battery in it and in wireless systems, all parts are run on batteries. If the battery runs low on either of these systems, ‘battery check’ will appear on the keypad.

Q: What options do I have when the alarm is triggered?

A: With our systems you can have the alarm call a list of preferred numbers, for example your mobile, then your partner’s mobile etc. You can also have your alarm call the police or a central monitoring station who can then respond by either contacting you or by sending a private security response unit to check your property.

Q: What is a PA / Panic Attack Button?

A: It is a button you can press to trigger the alarm in an emergency, whether it is set or not.

Q: What is a shock / viper?

A: It is a vibration detector usually positioned on windows to detect if someone is trying to get unauthorised access to the property.


Q: Can I view CCTV images online?

A: Yes, you just need a static IP address, which can be requested from your Internet Provider.

Q: Do you do “nanny cams” or covert cameras?

A: Yes we do. Please contact us for more details.

Q: Will I know when a camera stops working?

A: Yes. The system can be set up to email you when a camera fails or a buzzer can sound, whichever you prefer.

Q: Will I know when the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) stops recording?

A: Yes. The system can be set up to email you when a camera fails or a buzzer can sound, whichever you prefer.

Q: Do I have to use video tapes to record CCTV footage?

A: No, the footage can all be recorded onto a hard drive and can be held for up to 31 days before self-deleting. If you want you can burn footage to a disk, a USB drive or directly onto a PC.

Q: Can the CCTV cameras see in the dark?

A: Yes they use Infra Red illumination.

Access Control & Entryphones

Q: Can I have more than one handset for my entryphone?

A: Yes you can.

Q: Is it possible to have an entryphones that releases the front door as well?

A: Yes it is.